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Jungle Secret Water® is the most advanced and scientifically proven “Structured Water” technology available, anywhere. Based on two decades of leading R&D and product development by JSW inventor, Ralph Suddath, the first JSW patent (US: 7473374) covers the emerging science of “frequency embedding” to create permanent water quality improvements while the second patent (US: 20130328729) addresses a novel method whereby background environmental (zero point/quantum/ether) energy is constantly harvested by the JSW unit to continuously power the frequency embedding process.

Jungle Secret Water is an inline system that contains a patented magnetic vortex chamber made up of magneto-microspheres programmed with beneficial frequency patterns designed to clear the toxic memory and enhance the energy, structure and vibration of water. The technology enhances the soil microbial digestion activity (anabolism & catabolism), which allows accelerated plant mineral and nutrient uptake “metabolism”. JSW is not a filter although the system can be used in conjunction with any type of filtration product.

Water Quality is the misunderstood, missing key to optimum cannabis and hemp cultivation. All of the worlds water sources are now corrupted with toxic memory, energy and information. Water filtration and pH control are only small aspects of true water quality. The most advanced physical water filtration systems have no effect on energetic toxins and pollutants. JSW is not a filter. JSW is the only technology delivering the missing key – Water Sound Chemistry and Physics Restoration and Optimization.

JSW reprograms the energy, structure and vibration of your grow water.

25% Minimum Yield Increase Guarantee

(JSW must be installed at seed / clone grow stage)

40% Minimum BRIX (Bud Potency) Increase Guarantee

(must have BRIX meter / refractometer)

$499 Per Unit!

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No Risk – 100% Money-Back Guarantee

  • With JSW, I will reach a minimum of 2 lbs per light; up from 1 lb...Go to "Testimonials" for more info

    Bullet, CA


“Amazing product! My results are beyond my expectations.  See more of my photos in the Gallery.”

-Peter A.

20 Years of research went into the development of the Jungle Secret patented state of the art water conditioning system. This technology was born out of the combined research of Nikola Tesla, Royal Rife, John Keeley, Walter Russell and most importantly Viktor Shauberger. It was their discoveries, insights and inventions that made this incredible technology possible.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” ~Nikola Tesla

Increase Overall Grow Yield

Increasing the overall yield is a grower’s fantasy, we all know the more our plants produce the more money we can generate through our produce. READ MORE

Minimize Hydroponic Water Usage

When it comes to growing every expense we can minimize means a greater overall profit as the end result.  READ MORE

Healthier Cannabis Plants

Normal tap water is contaminated with all sorts of unknown bacteria, and allergens that has to be treated with chemicals in order to make it safe for use.  READ MORE

Design and licensing information for Large-scale commercial cannabis grow systems are also available.

Why Jungle Secret?

You may be asking yourself, how exactly will the Jungle Secret Water (JSW) system help my overall grow yield production and profit potential?

JSW is a patented magnetic vortex chamber technology that creates water that efficiently hydrates plants, accelerates soil microbial growth, and breaks down the soil’s minerals to improve plant nutrition uptake for root and plant and cannabis growth.

In short, our unit will maximize your grow potential and bud potency!

Increase Overall Yield
Minimize Water Usage
Healthier Plants
  • Increase Overall Yield Up To 50%

  • Minimize Water Usage Up To 50%

  • Higher Bud Potency

  • JSW is Far Beyond Just Magnets and Vortexing

  • 120-Day Money Back Guarantee

Water Has Memory


“Well …. I have to say that the claim of Snake Oil for a product we are testing is looking to be hearsay.
The JSW unit installed in 2 test gardens is getting great reviews so far…. money back guarantee and only $499?
I’ve seen growers spend more on something out of a bottle that lasts for 1 cycle and get less results.”

Clark Tippin

Founder of Organic Cannabis Growers Society



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