By Ralph Suddath

There has never been a time in which the importance of water has been emphasized as it is today. Although it was previously believed that water was merely a simple common substance, now we are realizing that water in nature is alive. When we use water without a deep understanding of its precious nature we take the life-giving forces right out of it.Living water, also known as energized water, bestows many different characteristics on water despite the fact that nothing has taken place from a chemical standpoint. In all living things there are super-conductive effects that cause cell-to-cell communication via photons. Water provides this input of photons to the cells. When energized water is present, this process is believed to be much faster and more efficient.

Although it is no secret that there are increasing levels of pollutants showing up in our rivers as well as in our oceans, it has also been reported that even rainwater and subterranean water (wells, aquifers, etc.) are being contaminated by air pollution. To make matters worse water contains the memory of these pollutants.

The Negative Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) signatures established in water by chemicals and heavy metals should be the cause of great concern. This is due to the fact that the EMF signature is still there even after the contaminants have been removed. Water that has been polluted at one time or another is composed of random molecules with no organized hydrogen bonding and it is presumed to have life-damaging EMF signatures.

In Tokyo Japan Dr. Masaru Emoto discovered that when polluted water is frozen and then placed under a microscope at 200 times magnification that no visible crystal formations of any orderly structure were found. However, when he examined samples of natural water, he observed beautiful orderly structures. This suggests that this new scientific approach must be taken into consideration when evaluating water quality. This new understanding of the character of water should make us more deeply aware of the importance of developing technology that purifies and eliminates these harmful substances in water at a molecular level.

Most of our water is now in a diseased state. This is the reason that bacteria and fungi can and do thrive in our water. With the discovery of Dr. Emoto’s method of observing the live properties of water, we must have a deep sense of reverence for water, as it is the source of all life. This new method of observation should open the door and allow us to learn so much more as water still has many unknown domains.

Ralph Suddath has been involved in comprehensive studies of water, energy, medical and agricultural technologies since 1989. He has been able to show that it is now possible to bring our water supplies back to a more natural state of existence with his patented VFR water treatment systems. His VFR water system produces energized water, which is based on an organized molecular structure of hydrogen bonding, deeper photon quantum changes, and a bio-compatible EMF. Examined under a microscope, this water looks like a beautiful array of snowflakes all hooked together. The VFR technology is based upon a new revolutionary concept in water treatment. It processes all the water in a direct way. The water passes through a vortex grid allowing the water to spin, spiral and turn, thereby exposing every molecule to both positive and negative magnetic fields. This system erases the water’s old memory and restructures it at a molecular level where it is then able to receive new instruction or programming. When all is said and done, the quality, structure and frequency of our precious water can be repaired with his breakthrough technology.