By Ralph Suddath

Most people have no idea that the quality of water is directly proportional to the quality of their lives. Recently, a joint study was undertaken in Japan by research scientists at the National Institute of Health Sciences and Shizuoka Prefectural University. They determined that natural organic substances react when exposed to chlorinated tap water, forming dangerous cancer causing compounds named MX, which stands for “Unknown Mutagen”. They are similar to the already well-known and more easily detected cancer causing THMs (trihalomethanes).

Earlier studies by scientists in Finland in 1997 determined that MX is 170 times more deadly than other known toxic by-products of chlorination, and was shown in laboratory studies to damage the thyroid gland as well as cause cancerous tumors.There is nothing wrong with the organic substances themselves.

It is chlorine that is at fault for turning them into the deadly THM and MX cancer cocktail. The reality is that the organic substances have been shown to be highly beneficial combined with pure drinking water.

It is certain that the fresh plant foods we eat similarly react with the chlorinated tap water we drink with our meals, creating toxins.

This means that fresh fruits and vegetables, green salads, green tea, black tea, herb teas, soy products, vitamins and various health supplements, and even some pharmaceutical drugs all can be implicated in combination with chlorinated water.The dangerous cancer causing agents which are produced are extremely toxic in infinitesimal amounts so small and obscure that they are very difficult to detect. Very little chlorine is required.

Many years ago laws were passed making chlorination of water mandatory. Now, the chlorine industry and government agencies must continue their existing policies, because if sudden or drastic changes are made the legal liabilities would be staggering. This predicament could make the tobacco industry scandal seem insignificant in comparison. Educating people to the dangers of chlorine would be admitting to knowledge of the problem, which could invalidate past studies and certainly raise serious legal problems.Although Chlorine has essentially eliminated the risks of waterborne diseases such as typhoid fever, cholera and dysentery, there are many pathogens that are not controlled by chlorine. Better methods of water treatment exist, such as ozonation, and many alternatives are already used throughout the world.

This message is of utmost importance to the general public, because chlorine will one day, in the near future, be exposed as a major cause and contributor to cancer and degenerative disease. Chlorine will also be found to be responsible for damaging the body’s immune and hormonal systems by mutating the food-based plant estrogens and mostly we use chlorine to kill dangerous bacteria and microorganisms. It has been known by the water treatment and chemical industries for many years that chlorine reacts negatively with natural organic compounds. These industries call these compounds DBPs (disinfection by-products) which are known to cause cancer in populations whose drinking water contains them. THM, the most commonly known DBP, is known to cause a high incidence of bladder cancer and also to cause spontaneous abortion of fetuses.

The Environmental Protection Agency has continually tightened their restrictions on THMs in drinking water, and even tighter restrictions are just around the bend. Yet it is interesting to note that the many government agencies and chlorine industries have conveniently neglected to take a serious look at food, health supplement, and pharmaceutical drug consumption, preparation, and production relating to use of chlorinated tap water.

The human body is under constant attack, primarily by environmental contaminants. This has led to increases in immune-related diseases. The quality of the water in our body has everything to do with our body1s ability to resist disease. Although we may be living longer, quantity of life has replaced quality of life. Thus, the quality, content and structure of water may be the most important thing we look at when considering our health regime.

For some reason that now escapes me mankind appears to want to conquer Mother Nature rather than to learn from her. Nature has shown us that you regenerate water by swirling and coiling it in its characteristic spiral motion it then undergoes a diamagnetic energy transformation and regains its electricity, its good taste, and its life-giving power.

What we need is a paradigm shift in how we perceive and care for this precious resource, which is the foundation of all of our lives. It would be ideal if water’s vibration could be raised naturally as it ion nature where life-supporting frequencies can be placed into the water. Perhaps the best we can do is to mimic this natural process.

By implementing technologies that have electromagnetic influences on water, it is possible not only to erase information from harmful substances, but also to induce positive frequencies into the water. This is an emerging technology based on natural principles that I believe will take the place of our current chemical water treatment methods.

In order to gain a more healthy existence for ourselves our families and all those around us. We need to educate ourselves and those in our care that our environment is mostly water. Therefore we must care for water and keep it alive . Simply stated; Disease will not live in naturally energized water. Therefore it is absolutely essential to keep water alive.

If we do not make use of this knowledge, that if we destroy our water, we destroy ourselves. The opposite side of that coin is that; If we heal our water we heal ourselves.

Future generations would undoubtedly thank us for our foresight into the efforts of preserving and restoring the thing most dear to us our water supply.