Seed Germination Experiment

A key premise of the Jungle Secret technology is that plants love the “crystalline structured water” it produces. I decided to test this premise via a seed germination experiment involving chard.

The results were spectacular!

I divided a packet of chard seeds in two, resulting in exactly 90 seeds for each side of my experiment.  All conditions for both sides were identical, except one got Jungle Secret treated water and the other untreated water.

Over three days, the plate with Jungle Secret water germinated over 3x the number of seeds as the regular water plate.  “But, there’s more!”  The tendrils on the Jungle Secret plate were also much more developed than those on the other side.  It’s impossible to quantify the growth differential exactly, but I’d suggest the Jungle Secret results were about 5x better over the three day test period, which is pretty phenomenal.

This is an experiment you can easily replicate.  I placed two layers of paper towel in two Styrofoam plates, with half the seed pack on each.  That was covered by another paper towel layer to reduce evaporation.  Water was run through a Jungle Secret attached to a hose spigot (full pressure, 40-60PSI recommended) into a plastic bucket (do not use metal containers as metal reduces “energized structured water” benefits).  I poured the Jungle Secret water into a coffee mug and filled another coffee mug with untreated water.  These were the water supplies for my three day experiment.

All other factors were identical.  Both plates received the same watering amount at the same time.  The plates were indoors, separated by about a meter, both spots receiving the same level of ambient sunlight.  The experiment ran from 9am Sept. 12th to 9am Sept. 15th, 2015.  Here’s a photo of the setup.

Each plate got one dose of water on the mornings of the 12th, 13th and 14th.  Checking results on the 15th, it was clear the Jungle Secret plate was more developed.  I decided to end the experiment as I wanted some seeds still ungerminated.  Also, tendrils were embedding in the paper towel and I wanted to be able to extract those and photograph results.  Here are photos of the two plates, prior to removing the seeds for counting.

Experiment 2

Regular Water Seeds

Experiment 3

Jungle Secret Water Seeds

Seeds were then shaken off and dumped into a plate for counting.  The following photos show the Regular Water plate with two groups of seeds while the Jungle Secret Water plate has four.  All tendrils on the Regular Water side were “small or tiny,” whereas the Jungle Secret plate had seeds with more developed tendrils. Also, note that tendrils on the Jungle Secret side are a healthier-looking white versus brown, for whatever reason.

Experiment 4

Regular Water Seeds

Experiment 5

Jungle Secret Water Seeds

Experiment Summary

Regular Water – 18 seeds germinated (all “small” tendril size)

Jungle Secret Water – 61 seeds germinated (13 small, 33 medium, 15 large tendrils)

Consider running your own experiment.