“Well …. I have to say that the claim of Snake Oil for a product we are testing is looking to be hearsay. The JSW unit installed in 2 test gardens is getting great reviews so far…. money back guarantee and only $499? I’ve seen growers spend more on something out of a bottle that lasts for 1 cycle and get less results.”

Clark Tippin

Founder of Organic Cannabis Growers Society


“As a medical cannabis patient who is also a member of the Native American Church, I not only grow for medical purposes, but also for spiritual reasons. We use cannabis as a sacrament in the NAC. That being said, I and a number of friends who have sampled this year’s grow, notice a distinctly different energy in this ganja to what I have produced in the past. My buds have a higher frequency to them which induces a deeper healing state within the body, mind and Spirit. When used as a sacrament, the cannabis facilities higher states of consciousness that allow greater access to higher realms of vibration conducive to deeper levels of Awareness with the Divine. In my opinion the JSW definitely augments these higher states of consciousness and vibration. Aside from these metaphysical observations, there is a larger production of buds in each plant. The buds seem to possess a higher spiritual potency that can be utilized for both medical and spiritual healing. On a vibrational level, my plants seem happier and happy plants produce the most healing medicine whether it is used for medical benefits or spiritual upliftment. I would never consider growing my medical cannabis without the JSW again. Water is a catalyst and carrier of information. The JSW seem to facilitate the plants reaching their highest potential as transformational plants on a medical and spiritual level. These are preliminary observations thus far. I intend to gather more pertinent feedback as my plants continue to mature and reach the harvest state. My bulk of my plants are approximately 2 weeks from harvest at this stage.”


Purchase Date – May 28, 2015

Santa Fe, NM


“I have been using JSW for 14 weeks now. One crop I just used it in bloom and my current crop which is now 2 weeks into bloom I’ve used for the entire time. Initially I was expecting much larger buds but the results show slightly larger buds. However I have a much higher volume of buds now. Going from 1 lb per light to 1.5 with a partial run. Now it’s looking evident that I shall reach a minimum of 2 lb per light. I run SOG, all organic with my own Super Soil. Very pleased with these results.”


Purchase Date: June 4th, 2015

Riverside, CA

Pre 2015 Testimonials

Guirermo Guzman conducted a number of field trials in Peru with the Jungle Secret Water Revitalizer.  “It was amazing to see an increase in growth in every aspect of the plant.  Our fruit is bigger and more juicy. The plants and trees are more resistant to pests and diseases using the Jungle Secret water system. I was skeptical at first. Now you have a customer for life.”

Guirellmo Guzman


Milton Crawford has used Jungle Secret for many years. “Jungle Secret device gives us larger, better quality buds. After adding the Jungle Secret water system we had produced the best buds I had ever seen.”

Milton Crawford


Buffalo, New York


“FYI…fruit loves Jungle Secret. I am happy to inform you about my best crops of avocados and oranges. They produced abundant fruit because of Jungle Secret.”

Shalom Sherman


San Diego, California


I’ve used Jungle Secret for two years I wouldnʼt go a single season without it.”

Phillip Garfield

Organic Grower

Portland, Oregon


“The results I achieved using the Jungle Secret product has been very impressive. The results definitely speak for themselves. My plants are lush and healthier than I have ever seen them look.”

Tim Fuchs

Humboldt, CA


Harold used The Jungle Secret Water System last season for the first time. “My crops were the best I had ever grown” I was so impressed with the results. Iʼve never come across a product like the Jungle Secret device.”

Harold Jackson


Boulder, Colorado


“To all you skeptics out there this  works less watering less maintenance bigger crops.”

Bob Haze

Denver, Colorado



Robert Gillette has used Jungle Secret on his vegetables for a couple of years. “Itʼs a really good product.  The fact that it has lasted two years and still works like new is amazing. Best investment I have ever made.”

Robert Gillette